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Tackle Test 'The Smart Jigger' by Sunfran.com

Tackle Test:
'The Smart Jigger' by Sunfran.com

I’d like to share an update on an innovative new device that I have been testing over the past several months. The device is called ‘The Smart Jigger’. It is basically a motorized rod holder that pivots up and down based on any pattern that you record using a series of simple controls. The device I’ve been using is a prototype, but the makers are planning on going into production soon.

Here is how it works. There is a rod holder mounted on top of a small metal box. An electric motor connected to your boat battery pivots the lid of the box up and down. A small knob on the side of the box allows you to motor the lid up and down, and then record and save the motion using 'A' and 'B' record buttons.

Once recorded, the device repeats your recorded pattern over and over again. You can save two different ‘Record’ patterns, plus there is a ‘Random’ button that will move the rod holder in a random pattern. The ‘Stop’ button stops the device, and when it gets overloaded on the pressure from a fish or snag, the device automatically stops.

The entire box slides onto a removable mounting plate that can be mounted to the top of a downrigger base, rod holder base, or any other location in your boat.

The makers of the device had vertical jigging or ‘spooning’ in mind when they created the design. However, my initial thought was that this thing would be perfect for pumping the rod erratically while trolling. I’ve been advocating for years that slowly pumping the rod while trolling will produce many more hookups versus leaving the rod in a motionless rod holder. My only question was whether the motor had enough power to handle the resistance while trolling.

My initial test of the device came at Lake Pardee this past fall. While I wasn’t able to locate any decent schools of kokanee to jig over, I was able to land one kokanee vertical jigging a Buzz Bomb using the device. The rods jigged by hand landed zero that day.

Next up was salmon trolling on the Sacramento River in the City of Sacramento. While the Smart Jigger performed flawlessly, the salmon season was one of the worst in history. We were only able to land one salmon using the device, a chunky 15 pounder that hit a Sivertron spinner.

The spinners and plugs that we use for salmon put up a decent amount of resistance, We were able to troll using the device with either a double-bladed Silvertron spinner or a K14 Kwikfish and a 4 ounce sinker.

I can’t wait to use the device this spring trolling for stripers, and then during the summer months using snap weights in front of trout and kokanee gear. The sky is the limit with this device, and I’m confident that it will outfish any of the rods trolled in stationary rod holders. Stay tuned to BassJack TV over on YouTube for some videos I’m working on.

In the meantime, be sure to check out details over on the https://www.sunfran.com/  website. You can see videos, plus sign up for a pre-order.